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Ash Cave- Hocking Hills

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

My fiancé Blake, and I decided to take a quick trip up to Hocking Hills' Ash Cave before I leave for Gatlinburg this weekend. Here is a quick hiking recap video for you guys!

About Ash Cave

Ash cave is a 0.5 mile loop located in Logan, OH and is typically heavily trafficked. The cave and falls are very easy to hike and is for all skill levels. On hot days lots of parents bring a folding chair and let the kiddos have fun in the water fall. The pool for the waterfall is not deep and comes up to the ankles when standing in the middle. You have the option to complete the loop and hike up the steps of the cave wall and down through the woods back to the parking lot or, you can simply turn back the way you came from if you are uninterested in heights or stairs.

Check out our hike below!

Additional Information about Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is a great get away located about 2 hours from Cincinnati. They have multiple trails that inter connect offering a short day hike or an all day excursion! Hocking hills offers beautiful walls carved out over the years and multiple water features. Lots of the waterfalls have public parking near by if you want a short hike to see them. Hocking hills is also open year round. If you are all about the beauty of snow and ice you'll love the snow and huge icicles that form off of the caverns. Over all you can't go wrong with Hocking Hills regardless of the seasons. Check out some of the photos from my previous trips to Hocking Hills below.

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